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Confidence Boosting Dyslexia Specialist/Certified Adventures in Wisdom Coach™ specializing in empowering children with learning challenges for K - 12 students
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My son, Jason, stands as the living inspiration behind my dedication to supporting families dealing with dyslexia. His journey with dyslexia, officially diagnosed in middle school, unveiled the challenges and frustrations that many parents of dyslexic children face. Witnessing his perseverance and facing the hurdles head-on ignited a passion within me to make a difference in the lives of others who are on a similar path.

Throughout Jason's journey, we collaborated with a myriad of professionals – occupational therapists, speech therapists, reading specialists, and educational and neuro-developmental psychologists. Each played a crucial role in our quest for answers. While their efforts contributed valuable pieces to the puzzle, there remained unanswered questions, and Jason's progress seemed elusive.

It wasn't until we consulted with a Dyslexia Specialist that we uncovered the missing link. Finally, after years of searching, we had the answers we desperately sought, but the revelation came later than we would have hoped.

The frustration stemming from the years it took to pinpoint the cause of Jason's academic struggles and the toll it took on him emotionally fuels my unwavering commitment to assisting other families on their dyslexia journey. It's a commitment to bridge the gap, provide timely support, and ensure that families don't endure the same prolonged challenges.

Today, Jason is a senior at Arizona State University studying Industrial Design and doing incredibly well both academically and emotionally.

I've been working with dyslexic students for ten years and have received comprehensive training in the Orton-Gillingham approach, a research-proven technique that uses simultaneous, multi-sensory, explicit, and systematic methods. I am qualified to screen, consult, and coach families with dyslexia.

As I stood with my son these many years, I stand by all my students throughout their journey, My commitment extends beyond academics; I am dedicated to supporting the emotional growth and well-being of each child I work with. This holistic approach ensures that my students are not just academically successful but are also equipped with the emotional resilience needed to navigate the challenges they may face.



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