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Autism Therapy

Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach, we utilize a multi-sensory, direct, explicit, structured and sequential program designed for intense intervention for those with Dyslexia. Systematic and direct instruction includes phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding (sounding out words), encoding (spelling), sight words & vocabulary, fluency, reading comprehension strategies and written expression to promote an enriched language experience. We also customize based on the needs of our students and may incorporate other programs such as LIPS, Foundations in Sound, Visualizing & Verbalizing, Structured Word Inquiry, etc. Therapy requires a minimum time commitment of at least two 55 minute sessions per week.  

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Remote therapy/tutoring provides accessibility to everyone around the world. The one-on-one live sessions offer the same rich intervention that one would experience in person. Not only are remote sessions more convenient eliminating time, effort and gas required to drive to and from the lessons but they also provide much flexibility and consistency while on vacation or during sickness. A combination of in-person sessions and remote therapy is available. Although remote therapy is a great option, it is not ideal for everyone.


Adventures in Wisdom Coaching is an engaging and interactive coaching program that mentors children to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, positive self-talk, and the ability to stand up to peer pressure, make good decisions, build resilience, manage fear, overcome mistakes, and manage change through fun and relatable stories.


One of the key areas that allow an individual or student to be successful is their  executive function skills. Think of your executive function skills as a conductor in your head that is orchestrating and managing everything for you in order to accomplish a certain set of goals. These skills provide you the capability for sustaining attention, regulating emotions to better handle frustration, organizing your thoughts, planning long-term goals, recognizing and utilizing time efficiently, initiating projects, and completing those projects. These are just some of the many jobs that our executive skills handle. Many students and adults struggle with executive skill deficits and often require additional coaching to explicitly teach and scaffold strategies in a structured manner.

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We use a variety of of formal and informal tools including the CTOPP-Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing exam to determine if an individual has Dyslexia with a high probability. Once a baseline is established, we follow-up with continual progress monitoring to ensure improvement.

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The Equipping Minds program developed by Dr. Carol Brown is a holistic approach that incorporates nutritional therapy, primitive reflex exercises, sound therapy, vestibular therapy, and vision exercises. These cognitive training exercises are designed to integrate different areas of the brain at the same time. Learners participate in fun games and activities. These games are used to find the specific areas in which the brain struggles such as working memory, processing speed, perceptual reasoning, and comprehension. From there, the therapist can hone in and “give the brain a workout.” Much like an athlete trains at the gym, the therapist uses these games and activities to stretch and strengthen the brain. To see who benefits from the program, select Read More.

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Homeschool classes, as well as, summer camps are available that focus on writing, grammar, structured word inquiry, executive function skills, and mindset coaching. These are available upon request and customized to the group's needs. For more information, contact us.

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Are you a parent navigating the journey of providing dyslexia therapy for your child at home? We understand that this path can be both rewarding and challenging. Our Parent Coaching Service is designed to offer you the expert support and assistance you need to ensure a successful and effective therapy experience.

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