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“I feel very fortunate to have discovered Donna Price at DP Dyslexia Consulting. My son’s abilities and confidence in both reading and reading comprehension have improved dramatically under her instruction. Mrs. Price seems to have a vast understanding of multiple types of learning disabilities above and beyond dyslexia. Moreover, Mrs. Price has a glowing personality and my children thoroughly like their sessions with her.”

-Dr. Hylton, Parent

"When we first met with Donna, Lincoln was withdrawn in his communication with people outside of his close family and friend circle.  Communication was quiet and rare with adults.  In school, he was showing signs of “hitting his wall”, laying his head down in math class, and turning in uncompleted class work.  He was able to almost read to grade level, with the help of Title 1, but his lack of comprehension was beginning to compound as “reading to learn” began to take place in the classroom.


When we started to work with Donna, she was able to not only get him started in his tutoring program, but also was a wealth of informational resource.  Thankfully, there is a lot of resources these days for children with Dyslexia, and she was able to point us in the right direction.  The combination of implementing these guided changes while at the same time doing the Barton program, we have seen so many benefits in Lincoln’s life.  His countenance and confidence in who he is greatly increased.  He is now engaged in conversations and communications surrounding every day life.  In June, he happily read the All Star motto at the beginning of his game in front of team-mates and the crowd.  


As a mom, I feel more peace when I look to the next school year, as we have a 504 that Donna advised us to pursue.  Getting him tested with her gave us as parents something we could take to the school to help them understand where Lincoln is and how we can help him succeed.  As a whole, our schooling situation with Lincoln has gone from confusing and not understood, to progress and more peace.  Lincoln’s reading and listening comprehension continues to improve, even after only a few months.  I encourage any parent that feels worried and knows your struggling child’s potential, to pursue working with Donna, and begin the process of uncovering the brilliance and strength in your child."

-Christa Meshall, Parent

"We are so grateful that we met you this year to tutor Avery. She is making great progress with your help! Looking forward to all the milestones ahead!"

-Kristan Tiedeman, Parent

"Donna has been such a blessing to me and my family. I have a 12 year old son who was recently recognized as dyslexic. I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about his future. Donna began tutoring him a year ago in Barton and I am impressed with the progress my son has made. What I appreciate about Donna is that she thinks outside the box. Barton is the foundation, but she is intuitive and will pull in other resources that she feels will further strengthen his weaknesses and enhance his strengths. She also dedicates her time to research and further understanding as to what my son needs. She really wants to see him progress. I feel confident that when he has completed the program, he will have developed some lifelong tools that will help him to succeed in whatever he chooses to pursue. Thank you, Donna!"

-Deena Gauharou, Parent

"Donna Price and I have developed a mutually beneficial, collegial relationship over the last two years. Our passion and area of expertise is empowering individuals to be independent by teaching them the skills of self-advocacy as well as addressing any educational or executive functioning skills they may not possess. As I am in the process of scaling down my practice, Prioritize Learning, Donna is the person to whom I am referring new and existing students. She is an excellent diagnostician, as well as a compassionate, resourceful educational therapist.!"

-Val McKinley, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Owner, Prioritize Learning

"Hi Donna, Just wanted to send you a quick text to say hello. Noah is having the best year he has ever had in school! All A's, B"s and (1) C. He has really settled in nicely as a Sophmore....He has had a great year. He is very well organized, likes his teachers and just overall enjoying school for once. He was just hired for his part time job at Raising Canes. He also had his first girlfriend and is about to get his driver's license in the coming days. I believe he has grown up a lot this past year and feel that you were a big part of that with the Executive Function tools that you gave him to learn and grow. Much appreciated!!!"

-Travis Wiseman, Parent

"Donna is a perfect blend of strictness and kindness. Her ability to connect with Kaden and her talent at teaching the concepts as well as modifying and customizing for each student is a heart-warming. She is capable of recognizing his potential as well as weaknesses. Donna is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She accomplishes theses tasks  with a very positive attitude. In summary, I highly recommend Donna for tutoring with children with a language disability."

-Jeni Clark, Parent

"It is without hesitation that I recommend Ms. Donna Price as an educational consultant. Having worked with my two boys, both with cognitive and learning delays, I can say that her extensive knowledge, patience, organization, and resources lend so well to her practice.  Her interactions with my children and communication with myself were unprecedented.  While being exceptionally organized and disciplined, Ms. Price is also flexible and playful (which is non-negotiable when dealing with learning challenges). My children made great progress in a short amount of time, and enjoyed the process!

-Lisa Martinez, Parent

"When we came to you a year ago, Mila couldn’t even blend the word c-a-t. She's now a confident and successful student! You’ve done your job and we are forever thankful for you.”

-Amanda Holman, Parent

"I am honored to recommend Donna Price's dyslexia services. She is a gem and a blessing to children, teens and parents in need of assistance.  When I learned my daughter wasn’t meeting basic reading milestones in kindergarten, I was extremely concerned.  I found Donna through an on-line search and hoped for the best.  It turns out Donna truly is the best at what she does!  Donna is professional, caring, organized and an expert in her field.  My daughter went from not knowing her alphabet to reading at school.  She met her grade-level fluency reading goal this spring which is cause for celebration.  My daughter’s resource teacher and mainstream classroom teachers all remarked on the progress she made over the course of several years with this magical dyslexia tutor.  Donna has given my daughter the strongest possible foundation to build upon as she continues her education journey.  We are forever grateful! 

Thank you again for your years of teaching Alex, all the TLC and for your wisdom!"

-Abigail Dolan, Parent

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