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BOOKS for parents:

  • Overcoming Dyslexia, by Sally Shaywitz

  • The Dyslexia Advantage, by Brock Eide

  • The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, by Ben Floss

BOOKS to read to students:

  • If You’re So Smart, How Come You Can’t Spell Mississippi? by Barbara Esham

  • The Alphabet War: A Story About Dyslexia, by Diane Burton Robb

  • It's called Dyslexia, by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

  • Tom's Special Talent, by Kate Gaynor

  • The Reading Glitch, by Lee Sherman

  • What is Dyslexia? : A book explaining Dyslexia, by Alan Hultquist

  • The Don't-Give-Up Kid: Learning Disabilities, by Jeanne Gehret

  • Thank-you, Mr. Falker, by Patricia Polacco

  • The Adventures of Everyday Geniuses, by Barbara Esham

  • Last to Finish: A story About the Smartest Boy in Math Class

  • Free Association: Where My Mind Goes During Science Class, by Barbara Esham

  • Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets,  by Barbara Esham

  • Stacey Coolidge's Fancy-Smancy Cursive Handwriting, by Barbara Esham

  • Hank Zipster, by Henry Winkler

  • It's Hard to be a Verb, by Julia Cook (ADHD)

  • Piper Reed, by Willis Holt (Dyslexia)

  • Fish in a Tree, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

BOOKS for Teens:

  • Winter: A Memoir, by Samantha Abeel (Dyscalculia)

  • Caged in Chaos: A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free, by Victoria Biggs

  • ADHD in HD: Brains Gone Wild, by Jonathan Chesner

  • Bluefish, by Pat Schmatz (Reading Disability)

  • Dyslexia Wonders, by Jennifer Smith

  • Percy Jackson Olympians: Lightening Thief, by Rick Riordan

  • My Name is Brain Brian, by Jeanne Betancourt

  • Mirror Mind, by Tory Woolcott

  • Looking for Heroes: One Boy, One Year, 100 Letters, by Aidan Colvin


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