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Remote Therapy Requirements

Equipment Needed:

  • •Computer or iPad with a web camera (NO tablets)

  • •Operating system-Windows 7 or later/Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

  • •RAM-4 GB minimum

  • •Headset with microphone (this is helpful for many students because sound quality is
    improved) Optional

  • •Microphone and speakers (usually built-in)

  • •High-Speed Internet connection - High-speed internet connection with at least 15Mbps upload and download speed. You can check your internet speed by going to

  • •Zoom - This is a free screen sharing program you will need to download from the Zoom website before our first tutoring session. (With this easy-to-use screen sharing program we can see each other too.)

  • •Google Chrome (no charge)

  • •Quiet, distraction free location for tutoring to take place.
    Occasionally, we may encounter technical difficulties during a remote tutoring session. Every attempt will be made to rectify these technical difficulties but we may encounter Internet or computer issues that the Tutor may not be able to resolve. If this occurs, the tutoring session may need to be terminated and no make up sessions for the minutes lost will be offered. 

  • •Close all other programs before tutoring sessions. Please make sure that others in the home are not downloading or uploading during sessions.

  • A Stylus is useful if you are working on your iPad or a touch screen


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