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What is Executive Function?










Job of an Executive Function Coach:



  • To establish a rapport with your child and to assist them in becoming independent learners who can make daily and long-term decisions necessary to achieve important life goals. 

  • To support and encourage your student in developing new habits.  

  • Provide tools and strategies to help in organization, studying, time management, breaking assignments into manageable chunks, prioritization, procrastination and goal setting.

  • Monitor and update coaching priorities based on student's needs and mindset.

  • Collaborate with parents and teachers.

  • Create a safe space for students to express their feelings and concerns related to academic performance

  • Help students recognize the relationship between learning and behavior through the Seeing My Time curriculum by Mary Dee Skylar

  • Encourage self-advocacy



What is the role of parents?


Parents are an integral part to the success of coaching. Ideally, parents are part of the sessions. Constant communication is expected through email, text or phone calls —meaning this is not just dropping off your child and hoping the coach fixes all of your students problems .  We must work together as a team to scaffold, support and encourage your student, as well as, to be able to communicate with each other any concerns, goals, or adjustments to to the plan. 



Important to keep in mind:


Coaching is not quick or easy . It requires a commitment from both the student and the parent.  If you are actively involved in your child’s learning and development, and your child wants to change, then coaching can help. If you’re expecting an immediate fix, then this may not be an appropriate avenue for your child.


How do sessions work?


Coaching sessions can be scheduled daily, weekly or bi-weekly. They can be hour long sessions or simply 15 minute check-ins. It is all dependent on the needs of the student.


Most of my students start working with me on a daily or bi-weekly basis. Not not only are we assessing strengths and weaknesses, prioritizing our short-term and long-term goals, but we begin an executive function curriculum that teaches students what makes a successful student. With the common terminology in place, it is much easier to provide support and scaffolding for the student. 


How long does it take?


The work that we engage in with your child involves changing neural pathways and that takes time….sometimes a long time while we peel back the layers of social, emotional, academic, lifestyle and cognitive issues that could be holding back your child.

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